Well it is the middle of October and we getting ready for our inspection trip to Hawaii. Bob and I will be there for a month. We will visiting Oahu, Kauai, Hawaii and Maui. The purpose of the trip is to visit the properties we work with, make new contacts and search out new properties. We will also be working on finding the best tours, activities and of course restaurants. We will be looking for things that will not break the budget. The package rates, hotels, etc are less this year then last year.  Hawaii is cutting prices to encourage people to visit in this crazy economy. Lets face it where better to go to relax and enjoy the beauties of nature. Lets not forget the Hawaiian people – so gracious, kind and they have the best outlook. Family is most important and the beauty of their islands is so appreciated. In other words no rat race.

We are looking forward to meeting with friends on the islands, you know everyone there is your cousin. I am hoping to put in some great pictures of where we are staying and the fun things we discover. With all our trips to the islands we see something new each trip. You cannot see it all on one visit. Some things are worth more than 1 visit. For example the volcano on the island of Hawaii. Every visit has something new and exciting to experience.

I will be posting some thoughts on packing – always a challenge. We take one small roller bag to check and a carry on. The biggest issue is taking our lap top, etc and all we need to do business while there. We really do work. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions or make a reservation.

This is my first blog thanks to my wonderful friend Jon Frye at Superior Internet. If you need help he is the man to call – 843-579-2211 – Always with a quick response and wonderful suggestions.

How am I doing?  Joanne



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